Home and Leisure Accountants

A large proportion of a household’s budget is spent on home and leisure so this makes this sector very competitive especially within individual industries. Therefore, in the current climate, it’s important that, if you offer home and leisure services, your business is well run, efficient and profitable. An accountant who understands the needs of people who work in this sector can give practical advice which is invaluable and can be the difference between surviving and thriving.

Home and leisure AccountantsAs an example, you only have to look up and down the high street to see how many hairdressers and beauty therapists there are and you get a sense of the size of the challenge of those who work in this sector. It is particularly noticeable when there is a squeeze on people’s budgets and they have to decide where to spend their disposable income.

Home and personal covers a whole raft of industries including, childcare, personal grooming and personal training to name a few. They are all very competitive industries with individual accounting needs.

Vanilla Online Accountancy work with a range of clients across a variety of industries, working on their tax and accounts. We can use this experience of different industries to help you and your business become more more efficient, save tax and make more profit. We make practical suggestions as to how you can save tax and we do it all in a simple, hassle free, friendly way.

You will find that our fixed fees help with budgeting and as we are online accountants we are able to offer our services at a lower cost than traditional, high-street based, accountants.

Some of the industries we help include:

Beauty Therapists
Driving Instructors
Life Coaches
Taxi Drivers

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