HMRC Health and Wellbeing Professional Campaign starts 17th October 2013

HMRC’s latest campaign to get people to bring their tax records up to date was launched on 17th October.

The HMRC Health and Wellbeing campaign gives health professionals until the end of the year to notify HMRC that they would like to get their tax affairs in order, then until 6th April 2014 to disclose all previously un-declared income and pay the tax owed.

After the campaign window closes, HMRC will be using information they hold from third parties and regulatory bodies to look into those who have unpaid tax more closely.

In previous campaigns HMRC targeted doctors and dentists. In this campaign they are looking at physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, occupational therapists, dieticians, nutritional therapists, speech and language therapists amongst others.

The key thing here is not to panic. As with any un-declared income you need to make a full disclosure to HMRC and this needs to be done in the correct way to ensure that you only pay the tax due and nothing more.

If you are concerned that you have undeclared income and want help in bringing your tax affairs to date, get in touch. We have a specialist undeclared income service which can guide you through the process.
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